💀Your Soul Is Mine💀
Nickname: Vamps™
*Aspiring Photographer
☠Lacuna coil
☠Tenafly Viper
☠C.O.D.S (Circus of Dead Squirrels)
☠In This Moment
☠A Perfect Circle
The list goes on forever
💜Bats, Vampires, Animals, Cats, DC & Marvel
🔪Horror & Gore🔪
Book lover: Vampires (non sparkly), witchcraft, Greek mythology, paranormal, etc.
Poe Love (Edgar Allan Poe)
TNBC Obsessed
💜Scotophilic💜Darkness is my solitude
🌙Moon Child
⚡Lover of Storms⚡
"Save us from ourselves."-Mushroomhead

☠My Photography:

My Designs:
Happy Valloween!

Happy Valloween!

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